Commercial Conveyancing

Specialist Commercial Property Lawyers in Derby

Our commercial property lawyers have decades of experience in achieving securing successful transactions for commercial clients up and down the country. We always take the time to ensure we understand our clients’ business objectives and use these to get the best outcome possible for them.

What is Commercial Conveyancing?

Commercial conveyancing is a specialised field of legal services dedicated to the transfer of commercial properties and land. It encompasses a spectrum of complex legal processes, including the buying and selling of commercial properties, lease negotiations, and management of property portfolios.

At John M Lewis & Co, we boast a team of skilled commercial conveyancing lawyers who are experts at guiding you through the intricacies of these transactions.

Our Commercial Conveyancing Services

We take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of commercial conveyancing services, tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Our commercial conveyancing services include:

Property Sales and Purchases: Our experienced team will facilitate the smooth buying and selling of commercial properties, ensuring your interests are safeguarded throughout the process.

Lease Negotiation: We excel at negotiating favourable lease terms for your business, whether you are a landlord or tenant, to secure your financial and legal interests.

Property Development: From initial property acquisition to handling planning and construction issues, our legal guidance ensures your property development projects are successful and legally compliant.

Landlord and Tenant Matters: Our team is well-versed in resolving disputes and navigating the complexities of landlord-tenant relationships, ensuring a fair and equitable resolution for all parties involved.

Why Choose John M Lewis & Co?

When it comes to commercial conveyancing, there are several compelling reasons to choose John M Lewis & Co as your trusted legal partner:


Our team consists of highly experienced commercial conveyancing lawyers who have a deep understanding of the field and a successful track record.

Proven Results

Over the years, we’ve helped numerous businesses achieve their commercial property objectives, earning a reputation for delivering results with precision and integrity.

Local Knowledge

We have a profound understanding of the local property market and legal landscape, enabling us to offer insights and advice specific to your region.

Transparent Communication

Our team of lawyers boasts extensive legal knowledge and a deep understanding of the intricacies of British law.

Contact us For Professional & Reliable Commercial Conveyancing Support Today

At John M Lewis & Co, we are committed to delivering exceptional commercial conveyancing services that simplify complex transactions and protect your business interests. Contact us today on 01332 292204 to discuss your commercial property needs and discover how we can be your trusted legal partner.

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